This page is intended to communicate Made in KC’s stance on the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you find this information useful and insightful. Should you have any questions about our practices or policies, please email us at

If you are looking for our Safe Return Guide, you can find it here. This is a working document made available to all staff and to the public, so that all our stakeholders can inform themselves of Made in KC’s policies and procedures. This document is meant as a supplement to Made in KC’s Employee Orientation Manual and Training Manuals. It is not a comprehensive document in and of itself. 


Made in KC believes the risk posed by COVID-19 is well-founded. As of Sunday, May 10th, coronavirus has killed 80,000 Americans while infecting millions more. We believe social distancing, hand-hygiene, the use of personal protective equipment, increased sanitation practices, and preparedness have all contributed in reducing the spread, contraction, and deaths of coronavirus.


Until we learn new information that states otherwise, we believe the only true protection for society at large is the development and deployment of a vaccine to a large majority of Americans. While herd immunity and new treatment regimens may play a major role, we anticipate having to operate with some level of increased caution and care until a vaccine has been widely deployed. As of now, we do not anticipate this happening until late 2021 in the best case scenario. 


Therefore, Made in KC believes that everyone has a role to play in limiting the spread of coronavirus. Our personal actions, our business’s actions, and our societal actions will all help determine the impact coronavirus has in the months and years to come. 

We believe that there is no false choice between economic activity and the preservation of life; they are one in the same. Therefore, we are doing everything in our power to fight the spread of coronavirus in our community. That is why we closed our stores before the Stay At Home Order was issued. And that is why we’ve partnered with Sandlot Goods to produce tens of thousands of face masks (40,000 as of Monday, May 11th). 

Beginning in mid-March, Made in KC began looking for ways to be part of the local effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. When approached by Sandlot Goods owner Chad Hickman to sew face masks, the Made in KC team immediately joined the cause, committing considerable resources to maximize the joint effort. 

By launching a massive hiring effort and through enlisting hundreds of people to sew from home, this face mask initiative has protected tens of thousands of Kansas Citians. Masks have been donated and sold at cost (average of $1.75 / mask) to dozens of local hospitals, fire departments, police departments, schools, nursing homes, and homeless shelters. This mask making initiative shows no signs of slowing as both Made in KC and Sandlot intend to continue sewing face masks until our community has a sufficient supply.


As Stay At Home Orders are lifted in and around Kansas City, Made in KC aims to provide a safe place for customers and employees alike, while also serving as a role model for safe retail operations. We believe the Stay At Home Orders flattened the curve while buying our medical professionals additional time to better understand this disease, and allowing our governments more time to roll out testing and contact tracing procedures. 

While much is still unknown, we are significantly more prepared today to defend ourselves from coronavirus. It is with that in mind that we reopen our shops. We are confident that we can reopen our brick-and-mortar businesses in a safe and healthy manner; one which protects our employees and customers alike.


Made in KC has rolled out an extensive Phase One Reopening Plan that includes a Safe Return Guide for all employees (we’ve also made it available to the public). Part of this Reopening Plan includes new coronavirus-related required training as well as many new safety precautions, many of which are listed below:

In-Store Measures

  • Reduced Occupancy to allow for greater Social Distancing
  • Our Employees Check Temperatures twice per shift
  • All employees are required to Wear Masks
  • The Frequency of Cleaning has been increased
  • Reconfigured Store Interiors to allow for proper social distancing
  • Added Plexiglass Dividers at checkout stations
  • Implemented a new Mobile Ordering App for our Cafes
  • Installed Hand Sanitizing Stations for employees & customers
  • In-Store Signage to better guide employees and customers
  • Prohibiting the use of personal devices while on shift.

General Measures

  • New Standards Training for all employees
  • Allowing employees to Work From Home as they are able 
  • Protecting Vulnerable Employees 
  • Extending Sick Leave to All Employees (including hourly) 
  • Adding Hazard Pay for our front line employees
  • Scheduling the same employees together to reduce exposure

Here’s What We Need from You, Our Customers

  • We Strongly Encourage Use of Face Masks when in our stores
  • We Require Social Distancing between customer groups (6 ft)
  • We Require Adherence to Occupancy Maximums
  • We Encourage Non-Cash Transactions
  • We Encourage Mobile Ordering for Cafe transactions


Up-to-date, reliable information is imperative to informing good decisions. Made in KC is relying on a wide array of resources to gather information about coronavirus and about safe business practices. These resources primarily include:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Local Government Officials; Local Ordinances & Guidelines
  • #SafeReturnKC: Kansas City Chamber / KC Area Development Council; The Civic Council of Greater Kansas City; Mid-America Regional Council
  • Retail Industry Leaders Association & National Retail Federation
  • National Restaurant Association
  • Stakeholder Feedback

While we will rely on health officials for health data, we need to continue gathering information from all our stakeholders about their comfort levels, their needs, their concerns, and their ideas. It is imperative that our employees and customers feel comfortable expressing themselves to Made in KC management. We encourage open dialogue amongst all our stakeholders and we trust you will help us in that process. You can submit any feedback or ideas you have to