Absorb Lumen KC Map Dish Towel


Our favorite dish towels from Absorb Lumen, featuring KC Landmarks. You won't believe how absorbent these dish towels are. A perfect gift for yourself or someone on your list!

18”x 36”

"Introducing our tough and convenient large kitchen towels, designed for the hardest kitchen tasks. With their generous size, you can effortlessly absorb spills at one end and quickly dry dishes at the other.


ODOR-RESISTANT  is crafted with care to provide you with a cloth that can handle all your kitchen needs. It is a super-soft yet very powerful and effective tool that can wipe spills, dry dishes, or clean countertops without scratching them. 

QUICK-DRYING – we understand the importance of having a fresh-smelling towel in your kitchen and so our towel is designed to dry faster, giving you a more pleasant kitchen experience. 

SUPERIOR CLEANING – at our core, we believe in environmentally friendly solutions, and so our kitchen towel can tackle the toughest of jobs with just a little water and less harmful chemical cleaners, making it the perfect cleaning partner for your home. 

NEXT-LEVEL ABSORBENCY – Our premium microfiber is highly absorbent, with the capacity to absorb nearly 7X its weight in liquid.

Ultra-large hook for hanging."- Absorb Lumen


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