Mario Chalmer's ABCs of Basketball


“Mario Chalmers ABCs of Basketball is a fun and lively story about a young Rio Chalmers and his friends. Created to inform, inspire and spark the interests of younger children, the book also serves as a great resource for older readers, as well as parents, eager to learn more about the game. It s also the perfect story for parents and children to read together.

Written by NBA star Mario Chalmers and his mother, Almarie, "Mario Chalmers ABCs of Basketball" features lively characters and wonderful illustrations by Emmanuel Everett. It will be the book you ll want to read time and time again!

Throughout his basketball career, Chalmers has achieved a tremendous level of success. As a high-school phenom in Alaska, Chalmers was named one of the Top-12 players in the nation, which led to a scholarship at the University of Kansas. At KU, Chalmers hit the now-legendary three-point shot in the title game, which eventually resulted in the Jayhawks winning the 2008 NCAA National Championship. Chalmers moved on to the NBA, winning back-to-back titles with the Miami Heat, and playing for the Memphis Grizzlies.”

-from the cover

Hardcover, 40 pages

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