Enjoy a few games of shuffleboard at our Lenexa City Center location. Shuffleboard’s easygoing nature and relaxing pace make it the perfect pit stop after you’ve done some shopping, browsed local artist features, and enjoyed a hand-crafted cocktail or beverage. The Made in KC Marketplace in Lenexa features three 50-foot lanes, perfect for large groups or games of 2. Follow the instructions below to sign up for a lane!
Upon arrival, our friendly staff will provide you with discs and demonstrate how to play.


Monday-Thursday: $15/half hour, $20/hour

Friday-Sunday: $20/half hour, $30/hour

If you're interested in booking all three lanes, please reach out to Kendall@madeinkc.co

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How to play Shuffleboard


Shuffleboard Singles

Players Required: 2

Both players start on the same end of the lane

There are 8 total discs for players to shoot (4 per team)

Players start shooting from the head of the court, also known as the 10-Off area or kitchen

Players alternate shooting discs

Player shooting red discs shoots first in the first round

Player shooting black discs shoots first in the second round

Red and black alternate starting each frame after the second round

When all discs are shot, the frame ends

After each frame, players walk back and forth to each end of the lane

There are two frames in a round

Shuffleboard Doubles

Players Required: 4

One player from each team stands on the opposite side of the lane

There are 8 total discs for players to shoot

Shuffleboard doubles play follows the same rules as singles play

Players do not have to switch spots after each frame

General Scoring Rules

Players cannot step into the lane while shooting

A disc must stop completely within the scoring area to be counted

Discs touching lines do not count (unless you’re playing a “friendly,” then you can count any disc that lies 50% or more within a scoring area. This is the staff preference)

Discs that land in the 10-Off area count as -10 points

Clear out discs that do not pass the two center lines prior to the next disc being played

The first player or team to reach 75 wins

Players can create their own scoring limits, or play up to a certain number of rounds

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