Abandoned Kansas City


By Regina Daniel

The crossroad of the Midwest, Kansas City has grown from a small town to the large metropolis that it is today. As infrastructure has done nothing but expand, some businesses, schools, and even homes have been left for larger and sometimes newer locations that can accommodate the increasing population and the demand of today's consumer. New schools are built, and businesses move on, but what happens to these structures after they have served their purpose? For many of us, known as urban explorers, these buildings still have a story to share. Despite the risks and dangers of structural integrity and law enforcement, urban explorers still pursue the history left in their remnants. These photos show the stories of schools that now sit as reminders of days gone by, and of business that once brought in happy customers only to face permanent closure. This book is an altruistic reality of how expansion pushes these buildings into obscurity and decay.

96 pages.

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