Aged & Charred Cocktail Smoker Kit


Aged & Charred Cocktail Smoker Kit. Add to your home bar for an ultimate drink experience. These smoker kits make great gifts for Holidays and special events.

How Does a Cocktail Smoker Work?

Cocktail smokers work by infusing cocktails or other beverages with smoke to add a unique flavor and aroma. In order to do this, most smokers contain all or a variation of the following parts.

Wood Chips

Wood chips come in different flavors, such as hickory, applewood, or mesquite, and each type will impart a different flavor to your cocktail.


This can be lighter or a torch but in general, torches work much better.

Main Smoking Device

Cocktail smokers vary by design and include smoke top lids, smoke guns, smoke boards and smoke domes. We’ve found that the best cocktail smokers use top lids. Cocktail smokers are a fun and unique way to experiment with different flavors and add a new dimension to your favorite cocktails or other beverages.

How Long Do You Need to Smoke the Spirit or Cocktail For?

The time needed to smoke a spirit or cocktail varies depending on the method used and personal taste preferences. If you're using a smoking gun, filling a glass cloche or large glass with smoke and covering your cocktail for about 1-5 minutes usually suffices.

Using wood chips and a flame to smoke the glass beforehand would also take around the same time, about 1-5 minutes. If you're infusing an entire bottle of spirit, you might let it sit with the smoke for 10-20 minutes or longer for a deeper smoky flavor. Keep in mind that the longer you smoke, the stronger the smoky notes will be, so it's advisable to start with a shorter time and adjust to taste.

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